The 3rd Annual Woodward Eid Cruise

will be Saturday,

May 7, 2022.

Staging begins at 1 pm on Woodrow and W. Davison Ave.

Kick-off to Woodward Ave. begins promptly at 2 pm

concluding at Palmer Park, 910 Merrill Plaisance St., Detroit, MI 48203 

Our Mission

The year 2020 brought with it so many uncertainties. With Covid-19 at its peak, mandated stay-in place orders, and social-political unrest, life became quite different. The cruise was created out of the need to celebrate the Muslim Eid safely commemorating the month of Ramadan. May 3, 2020, marked a beautiful Sunday that we safely organized over 200 vehicles, festively decorated with bows, window chalk, and streamers- drove Woodward in what would be known as the first Woodward Eid Cruise.

The Woodward Eid Cruise received logistical support from the city’s Police Department, local media coverage, and rave reviews from participants. It was then decided that due to the cruise’s ability to bring different religions and cultures together from all over metro Detroit, this would be a great annual event. However, we understand that owning a vehicle is a privilege (even in the Motor City), and not all community members were able to participate in the drive.

It is now Woodward Eid Cruise’s mission to gift a family in Detroit with an automobile to increase access to jobs and resources in the cause of social equality. With your help this can be possible. This year’s goal is $20,000.

You can make a taxable contribution to the Woodward Eid Cruise today!